Adult Taro Purple N95 Face Mask-ZN2214

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  • Light weight.
  • skin-friendly.
  • Four layers of filtering.

With the Taro Purple N95 Face Mask, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort and protection. It Features a unique taro purple colour, and this mask is stylish and easy to recognize. Get yours before it all goes!

Key benefits of Adult Taro Purple Surgical Face Mask

  • High elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clips ensure a comfortable fit without putting strain on the ears.
  • Lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry and store.
  • It covers the mouth, nose, and chin completely, creating a tight seal for maximum protection.
  • Four layers of filtering provide added defence against harmful particles.
  • The mask also stops glasses from fogging, ensuring clear vision.
  • This mask is gentle on the skin and suitable for extended use.
  • Perfect for everyday use, whether at work, running errands, or travelling.
  • The adult taro purple surgical face mask is an excellent choice for a comfortable and protective face mask.



surgical mask.


140x113mm (+5%) .


Non-woven+melt blown.




4 layers.

Quality Standard:



Free under the 0.5kg.

1 review for Adult Taro Purple N95 Face Mask-ZN2214

  1. Malsheemy

    Very nice comfortable masks. I have a big face and they fit me well and cover my nose and mouth without slipping up my chin

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