Wholesale A4 White Paper 70-100 GSM,Box of 5 Reams

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  • 70-100 GSM
  • Smooth paper enables color printing
  • Top A4 size paper manufacturers from China

A4 paper manufacturer from China: We use intelligent production, such as automatic paper-cutting machines.

Wood pulp material: This paper’s wood fiber can preserve documents for many years and has passed ISO/FSC/CE certification.

Different thickness options: Customized thickness from 70 grams to 100 grams.

Wholesale discounts: Our minimum order is 1 ton, and larger purchases receive a discounted price.

OEM Service: We can process your brand, from production – packaging – transportation, providing you with integrated services.


Box of 5 Reams.


Wood Pulp

Single box quantity:

500 pages/box

ابعاد المنتج:

‎11.81 x 8.66 x 1.18 inches



Paper Weight:


وزن السلعة:


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  1. a reserved citizen -

    A large roll of paper, enough for a long time, it is true that it is wholesale, the only bad thing is that the paper is a little thin

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