Wholesale Disposable Bed Sheets For Hospital ZXH-001

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  • Single-use.
  • Specifically for hospitals.
  • 50 pcs per 1 pack.

This disposable medical-grade bed sheet is especially designed for hospitals. With liquid barrier protection, it can act as a protective barrier and reduce cleanup time – suitable for covering stretchers, examination tables, treatment tables and other hospital medical equipment and furniture.


أماكن قابلة للتطبيق: hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, massage shops, and more.
مواد: Made of lightweight high-quality non-woven fabric, easy to fold, and recyclable!


Standard size.




غير منسوج

خاصية مميزة:

Anti wrinkle

وزن السلعة:

2.5 pounds.


Zhengxin PPE Group.

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  1. Shiva Prasad -

    These table cloths are pretty nice. It’s thin but does a good job keeping sweat from getting through.
    The cloth is comfortable to lie on. It seems pretty sturdy and didn’t tear when I move around.
    Having is sheets feel more hygienic than wiping it down with the same towel. The cloths are pretty cheap given the size of these towel. Pretty good value.
    We will buy it next time for sure.

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