Wholesale Flushable Wet Wipes, 42 Wipes Per Pack (8 Packs of 42)

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  • صنع بالصين.
  • Private-label wet wipes manufacturers
  • Disposable and biodegradable

There are 8 flip-top packs in each box، و each pack contains 42 wet wipes, for a total of 502 wipes per box.

Wet wipes for a healthy clean: Zhengxin’s wet wipes are comfortable, gentle, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Materials: Single-use, biodegradable

Environmentally friendly raw materials: مصنوع من 100% plant-based fiber, FSC-certified

Reliable Chinese Wet Wipes Manufacturer: We maintain our own manufacturing equipment and implement 6S management to ensure that every wet wipe is of high quality prior to sale.


Biodegradable non-woven fabric

Expiration date:

2 years.

التعبئة والتغليف:

12 pack per 1 box



Country of Origin :




مراجعة واحدة لـ Wholesale Flushable Wet Wipes, 42 Wipes Per Pack (8 Packs of 42)

  1. Kathleen A. -

    I bought these wholesale wipes initially for their unique design and to spark conversations in our bathroom. Surprisingly, they turned out to be of excellent quality. I appreciate their length as well. Given their higher price, we use them mainly for guests and switch back to standard wipes for everyday use. For the time being, they serve more as a decorative element.

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