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Help you purchase products made in China in bulk

Yiwu Sourcing Agent

buy high-quality China products from different source places such as “Yiwu, Guangzhou, Alibaba, etc.” Provide you with affordable prices.

Purchase Products list

Electronic Products
Hardware Accessories
Pet Products
Stationery Products
Skincare Products
Kitchen items

What We Do

We are a Yiwu sourcing agent from China, in the past 5 years, we have helped many of our customers purchase goods from Yiwu and established a strong supply chain

1. E-commerce/Small Business

For e-commerce and small-volume customers, the minimum purchase quantity starts with a budget of $600

2. Grocery store/supermarket

We help you find different grocery products in the Yiwu, Guangzhou,1688, Alibaba and taobao market. Integrated services including selection, negotiation and delivery for you

3. Medium to Large Business

For customers whose annual purchasing volume exceeds US$300,000, we can provide a professional purchasing team (including: purchasing managers, freight forwarders, quality inspection technicians, etc.) to help you grow your business

4. Product customization

If you have products that need to be customized, including: size, logo, materials and other customization request. We can help you turn product ideas into reality.

5. Dropshipping

In the past 5 years of purchasing activities, we have accumulated many freight forwarding company resources and transport lines around the world. we provide highly discounted shipping rates,

6.Quality inspection services

We are not just a purchasing agent, For bulk purchases, we will also personally visit the factory to help you conduct on-site inspections and check their production lines.


We know trust is the basis of business, So we will provide a free sample order for you to check, and during the subsequent purchasing process, we will have a video call with you and share images to help you purchase on site.

1. First, you need to provide us with your product information, including size, color, minimum order quantity and budget. If you can provide links or pictures of similar products, it will be easier for us to understand your purchasing needs.

2. The next step is that we will look for manufacturers and study their manufacturing capabilities and prices, So we are better able to select a suitable manufacturer from among them to help you build some samples and send them to your country for your inspection.

3. After you receive the sample and confirm the quality, we will manufacture your product in batches and transport it to your country by sea or shipping. Please note: it may take up to 1-2 months from initial communication to final delivery month time.

We generally do not provide supplier information to prevent being kicked out by buyers.
After you have made multiple purchases, we are happy to provide more supplier information and are willing to accompany you to visit the factory.

Our main product is still PPE products, but over the past 5 years, we have helped many existing customers purchase Chinese goods, and the turnover of purchased goods now exceeds our main PPE products. In addition,our sales of PPE products have also decreased significantly as COVID-19 has become less prevalent. And in the past three years, we have accumulated rich purchasing experience, so we chose to enter the purchasing agency industry.

Yes, we accept small bulk orders, and we will find perfect suppliers that meet your MOQ,

We purchase many different types of products, such as: clothing, electronic products, small commodities…etc., You can check our purchase list above for details.

Of course, you are our guest, we will arrange your accommodation and food, and then we will also take you to “Yiwu market” to purchase goods and accompany you to visit our cooperative factory.

We accept bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, and Money Gram. 30% advance payment required and balance to be paid before shipment.

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Hear our Customers reviews

I purchase some Chinese jewelry for sale in my country every month. They always help me find products with good quality and affordable prices. They are very professional and amazing. I will make a purchasing list next year and visit China to visit them.
Mila Kunis
I found Zhengxin company when purchasing masks during the pandemic. Later, after Covid was over, I invited them to purchase some daily necessities for me to sell in my country, El Salvador. Whenever I want to sell some products, they always help me choose the most popular styles based on fashion trends. Now my annual sales have exceeded $1,000,000.00.
Grocery store owner
I have been cooperating with Zhengxin for 2 years. Their service is great. I highly recommend them. I just wanted to buy some thermos flasks at first. They went to the factory in Taizhou to help me with on-site inspections and helped me through the whole process with video calls. They have a clearer understanding of the manufacturing process of the product and always help me check the quality and shipment, which helps me save some costs. They are not a purchasing agent, but a partner. I highly recommend them. Victor
Tik Tok Seller

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