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We customize surgical masks and print your brand and logo

Get Your Own surgical Face Masks

The custom surgical face mask has become a cultural symbol. We make the masks from nonwoven fabrics and comfortable fabrics.

Our experienced engineers and technicians can meet the customer’s needs, such as text, logos, artwork, and patterns. 

Our team of designers and manufacturing workshops will help you make the product quickly if you send our team the pattern and size specifications.

Contact us now!!! if you have any questions regarding our manufacturing facilities or delivery process.

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Customization options

The styles we support custom face masks are: male, female, kids, logo and pattern.

For female

We use high-quality nonwoven + melt-blown fabrics for our custom masks specifically designed for women. Maintain a great skin barrier, customizing color and patterns based on your preferences.

You can get:

  • Wide range of customization options with different colors.
  • Offer special designs for the woman.
  • Soft, comfortable, flexible.
  • Ensure full. protection.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to breathe.

For male

The Men’s masks we provide come in different layer options, and you can custom your Company logo printed on them.

what We offer ?:

  • Different layer options.
  • Produce samples for you.
  • Customized sizes according to Asian and European faces.
Special designs are available for men.

For kids

Children love colourful patterns or animated characters. Whenever it comes to children, our Company always places safety as the first factor, and profit in the second. The fabrics for kids’ masks are always made from the best and most expensive sms, nonwoven fabrics.

As a general rule, we use 5 layers of protection standards for children’s masks. The innermost layer of the bag is made of nonwoven fabric, which weighs 25 grams. We are pleased to announce that our nonwoven spunlace fabric has passed GB2626-2019 and ISO9001 quality standards.

Please Watch the pattern display below for more details.

 You can expect:

  • Extensive protection for children.
  • Customizable option with animated and cartoon characters.
  • The highest level of protection.
  • Special light-weighted design option for children.

Our patterns show

Molded product

Are you ready?

Are you ready to customize your own surgical mask? it only takes 3 simple steps to produce your own face mask.

step 1

 We would appreciate it if you could send us your custom pattern and logo in PDF or other formats and provide the additional information. Our team members will assist you in the whole process.

Step 2

In collaboration with our design team, we will develop the specifications and patterns of the masks based on your requirements. After that, we will wait for your confirmation before starting production.

step 3

Our factory will process and manufacture your product once we receive your permission, and you can see the finished product. Before bulk production starts, we will send you a prototype for your approval.



Supporting Subheading

Yes, sure we could produce face mask with your design.

Our factory produces face masks and we sell them in wholesale and retail quantities of 1000 pieces.

Generally speaking, we price according to the order quantity, the larger your MOQ, the lower the price.

There are different face mask we could offer: 3plys face mask, KN95, KF94, FFP2 and 3D face mask..

In most cases, our products will arrive within 7 days, but special circumstances may cause them to be delayed by 2-3 days.

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