Our Protective clothing are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for healthcare workers and patients. Made from high-quality, lightweight, and breathable materials, these gowns are soft and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The Protective Clothing have environmentally friendly standards. Each item has its unique specifications such as color, texture, and adaptability; however, what makes them exceptional is their durability and effectiveness in fulfilling the purpose of their design. The gowns are designed with long sleeves and elastic cuffs to provide a secure fit and prevent exposure to potentially harmful substances. They also feature a tie-back closure to ensure a snug fit and prevent the gown from slipping.

Our protective clothes are available in various sizes to accommodate all body types. They are made from premium nonwoven and sweat-proof fabric and are comfortable to wear. They have an attached hood and elastic cuffs for the safety of medical workers. It is sewn to fit the body. The elastic waistbands and snug ensure you are fully covered with optimal protection. There are many colors available to match your style. Our blue strip disposable gown is designed to be safe and free of static electricity and can effectively block the external air environment.

There are eight available gown types at Zhengxin including isolation, nonwoven, SMS, CPE and PP/PE gowns. Our SMS isolation gown is CE certified. It is made of three different layers of nonwoven fabrics. The middle layer is melt-blown which helps to isolate the bacteria. They are waterproof and suitable for hospitals, laboratories, and operation theaters. These gowns have a higher level of protection than others due to their multiple layers.

Moreover, the PP/PE gown can be customized in any size, and the material is lightweight, making it comfortable to carry. They are cost-effective, with more liquid protection and high air permeability. They are made of polypropylene and polyethylene coating, providing waterproofing. The CPE gowns have thickened design and meshed structure and prevent static electricity. They have long sleeves with knitted cuffs to ensure that it remains fit.

These gowns are ideal for use in clinics, and other healthcare settings where there is a risk of exposure to infectious agents. They provide an effective barrier against bodily fluids, bacteria, and viruses, helping to prevent the spread of infection. Our isolation gowns provide

healthcare workers with immune protection in their daily tasks. It protects the surgeon and offers broad barrier protection to the patient.

In summary, our disposable isolation gowns are made from high-quality materials, are comfortable to wear, and provide maximum protection against infectious agents. They are available in various sizes, making them suitable for all users. These gowns are essential personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and patients in any medical setting. We always prioritize quality and comfort while manufacturing our products. Once you buy our isolation coverall, you can confidently stay at your workplace. They will provide maximum protection and comfort. We welcome you to ask any query regarding the surgical isolation gowns.

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