Wholesale Disposable Paper Cup ZXP-2308

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  • 8oz Volume
  • Made Of Bamboo Fiber
  • High temperature resistant

Main Features of Our Disposable Paper Cups

  1. Comfort packs 8-12 oz.: Our disposable paper cups are designed to hold 8-12 ounces of coffee, green tea and other beverages.
  2. Have Thickened paper walls: The thickened paper walls of the disposable paper cups contribute to their excellent heat insulation properties plus prevent leaks.
  3. No Fluorescent Substances hence are safe and Healthy: there are no harmful chemicals that could leach into the beverage.
  4. Suitable for Office, Home, and Restaurant: The disposable paper cups are suitable for various settings, including offices, homes, and restaurants.
  5. Made Of Bamboo Fiber: Bamboo is known for being biodegradable and recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic disposable cups.

Why choose us

OEM/ODM Manufacturing Capabilities

Our company possesses strong Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) capabilities. This means we have the expertise and resources to create custom disposable paper cups tailored to your specific requirements.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Our paper cups are made from bamboo fiber materials, which are environmentally friendly.

Mass Customization Services

We understand that different businesses have unique needs and branding requirements. That’s why we offer mass customization services, allowing our clients to personalize their paper cups with logos, designs, or specific messages.

Are Paper Cups Better Than Other Materials?

Yes, paper cups are the best option when it comes to serving beverages. For our cups, we use bamboo fiber material making them environmentally friendly or recyclable.  Also, there is no fluorescent powder or chemical residues.

Do Paper Cups Have BPA?

Our paper cup contains a small amount of BPA, which will not cause any harm to people.


Bamboo fiber




100 Count



Country of Origin


Specific Uses For Product:

Cold Drinks, Hot Drinks

1 review for Wholesale Disposable Paper Cup ZXP-2308

  1. Jenny

    These are very sturdy cups, probably too sturdy for typical uses.
    Nevertheless, they are a high quality product and I am very satisfied with them.
    Good price for these cups. Use some several times over with no problems.
    I will buy it for next time for sure.

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