Face masks have become widely used since they enhance the wearer’s protection and keep him safe from allergies and other bacteria. Among various types, 3 ply masks are the most commonly used. It is called 3 ply since it comprises 3 layers that provide protection and fluid resistance. The outer and inner layer is made of non-woven material to maximize comfort. The middle layer comprises a polypropylene filtration layer and melt-blown as a barrier to bacteria. They are lightweight and are one-size-fits-all disposable masks. The 3-ply face masks have a PFE of more than 30%, which helps filter non-oily particles, and a BFE de 99% ensures protection from bacteria.


The face masks are made of non-woven fabric and are soft and breathable. Zhengxin has a wide variety of 3-ply face covers, which can be customized in any design, and a bulk order can be placed. They are designed with an elastic ear loop and soft fabric, making them a perfect choice for daily wear. It also has an adjustable nose clip to avoid slipping. The face masks have a lightweight feel with a tight fit that perfectly contours your face. They have a premium elastic band that does not strain or tug.

Our 3-ply surgical mask is a perfect accessory for congested public places including public transportation, grocery stores, traveling, workplaces, and schools. Moreover, they come in different sizes for kids with many designs. It protects them from airborne diseases, bacteria, pollen, and other contagious particles in the air. It provides premium comfort and does not itch the skin. These masks are budget-friendly.


To get the best out of the 3-ply surgical mask, do not share yours with other people and wear it correctly according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. You can order customized covers in bulk from Grupo Zhengxin, where quality and comfort are guaranteed. We provide muestras gratis before orders for customer satisfaction.

Our Packaging Specifications:

Provide 3-layer medical surgical masks, support large-volume orders, 50 pieces, 100 pieces per box, single-piece independent packaging, and provide customized services. all products are made in china.

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