Wholesale Hospital Bed Mattress Cover ZXH-004

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  • 中国製。
  • Completely cover any bed size.
  • 50 pcs per 1 pack.

This bed cover is made of a mixture of non-woven fabric and cotton. It is 85% non-woven material and 15% cotton. Dry and clean fabrics. In China, we have supplied high-quality bedspread products to more than 8 large hospitals. There are thousands of protective equipment factories in our manufacturing base, and we have a mature industrial chain to meet any quantity requirements.


Standard size



Customized service:



2.5 pounds

Bed size:


Wholesale Hospital Bed Mattress Cover ZXH-004 に対するレビュー1件

  1. Gil Buan

    I’m running a clinic at our country. Last time, we purchased a batch in bulk, the quality is very good, and the fabric has toughness and thickness
    It’s a good thickness, soft and comfortable. It fits on the bed pretty well.
    We will buy it again for sure next time!


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