Wholesale Latex Gloves Powder Free ZXG-L2209

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  • Powder Free.
  • Comfortable feeling.
  • MOQ 1000pcs.

This latex glove is the perfect choice for both medical and non-medical experts, provides solid pulling force and high-quality elastic force, and it is also easier to stretch, helping to relieve hand fatigue. Designed to fit the hands of most Europeans, this glove is up to 98% accurate. It also comes with good sealing, preventing oil intrusion and allowing you to work efficiently. The glove’s non-slip design allows for flexible operation. Hence you can even use your phone while wearing it.

It is suitable for a variety of different uses, such as in food factories, electronic factories, scientific laboratories, and home cleaning.

Key Features :

  1. Strong gripping power.
  2. High protection and Comfortable wear.
  3. Easier to stretch.
  4. Good sealing.
  5. Non-slip design.
  6. Flexible operation.
  7. Suitable for a variety of uses.

This latex glove is the perfect choice for anyone looking for reliable and high-protection wear. With its strong gripping power and high-quality elastic force, it is designed to fit everyone. To get your hands on this glove for the ultimate protection and comfort, contact us today.








Support custom and OEM.




5 years from the date of manufacturing


Avoid direct sunlight, and should be stored in a dark cabinet.


kitchen, hospital, laboratory, factory


1 review for Wholesale Latex Gloves Powder Free ZXG-L2209

  1. Nikita Shah

    We’ve used these gloves for a long long time. Excellent quality, and they work very well when working with lacquer thinner & similar solvents.

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