Our non-woven fabrics include: SMS,melt-blown, PP Spunbond, and spunlace fabrics, and these fabrics are all used for filter products, such as medical PPE, clothing, and home……

The Non-woven fabric all comes with 100% new material. They are composed of waterproof, skin-friendly, and have suitable breathability features. Additionally, they are suitable for different environments and working situations.

Xiantao Zhengxin is committed to providing consistent quality at a reasonable price and eco-friendly solutions at a high rate of recycling polypropylene that keeps our products out of landfills. Our commitment to the market has enabled us to achieve greater heights. We can differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering high-quality products, timely delivery, and modern industrial equipment. You can always expect excellent customer service, a realistic price estimate, and a smooth transaction with us.

Customer Relationship Executives to handle your fabric needs.
● Certified manufacturing facility.
● We can handle any of your needs.
● High-quality, industry-specific fabrics.
● Delivery of goods with planning and execution.
● For maximum loading capacity and safe delivery, we provide dedicated logistics support.
● Customized sizes and colors are available.
● Provide a sample before going for bulk production.
● R&D for new applications from sample development to marketing.
● Complete transparent workflow and more.

Xiantao Zhengxin manufactures and exports nonwoven fabrics following international quality standards. You can customize your order according to our needs. Our expert excitives are ready to provide you detail information and delivery process.

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