Plastic Food Wrap & Cling Film ZXP-2310

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  1. MOQ 100 items
  2. PVC-PE-PVDC Materials
  3. For food packaging

About our Plastic Food Wrap & Cling Film

  • High-performance plastic food wraps & cling films:  Are used for both commercial and home use.
  • 35-gauge thickness: With this thickness, the plastic wraps preserve food items effectively. Whether you run a restaurant or need it for household purposes, these products guarantees great performance.
  • Covers Food Completely: completely cover food, ensuring its freshness and hence preventing spoilage.
  • Are Flexible: Our plastic food wraps and clings are highly flexible, allowing them to snugly wrap around various food items of different shapes and sizes.

Reliable Plastic Wrap Supplier

Following international quality standards for plastic wrap, Zhengxin Group carefully chooses the best quality manufacturers as partners. All of the plastic wraps that we sell have undergone rigorous quality inspection and certification, hence you can make your purchase with confidence.

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35 Gauge


Plastic Wrap




What Kinds Of Materials Are There For Plastic Wrap?

We provide three materials for you to choose, and they are: PVC, PE and PVDC.

Which Plastic Wrap Should I Choose?

PE film is primarily used for food packaging, such as fruits, vegetables, and other items.

While PVC film can also serve as food packaging, it does pose certain safety concerns for the human body.

PVDC film is used mainly for the packaging of cooked food, ham, and meat products. This is the reason why it is extensively employed in kitchens, restaurants, and food processing factories.

1 review for Plastic Food Wrap & Cling Film ZXP-2310

  1. Alan

    I love this plastic wrap, it’s easy to tear and easy to use in the kitchen!

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