Red Surgical N95 Face Mask For Female-ZN2204

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  • Tailored for females with a sleek red color design.
  • It features a tighter fit to the face to protect against harmful bacteria.
  • Comfortable to wear and can firmly fit your skin.
  • Improved ventilation performance for breathability.
  • It helps to prevent the spread of viruses and other airborne particles.

Our red surgical N95 face mask is designed especially for females with a sleek and stylish red appearance. It provides improved protection against harmful bacteria while still being comfortable to wear due to its tighter fit. The mask is designed to fit snugly on your face, ensuring maximum effectiveness in preventing virus spread. Additionally, the face mask offers improved ventilation, which enhances breathability.


152x105mm (+5%) .


5 ply.


Non-woven+melt blown.



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1 review for Red Surgical N95 Face Mask For Female-ZN2204

  1. Abdul

    I like ordering the KN95 masks because the masks work really good and the price for them is an affordable price

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