Custom Construction Helmets

Zhengxin Group is a Chinese supplier of safety helmets, equipped with over a decade of experience in manufacturing PPE. We produce safety helmets carefully designed for use in various working environments, including welding and construction.

In many workplaces, from small construction sites to large processing plants, impact damage to the brain represents a worrying threat for workers. Thus, our safety helmets are created to provide high-level protection to our skulls. It is essential that you choose a safety helmet supplier with reliable quality: our health is not a place to cut corners. We are CE and ASTM-certified, and our helmets are made from high-quality ABS and PC aluminium alloy. We are also happy to send you samples of our products before you place an order for larger quantities.

If you are interested in acquiring our products, please browse our list of offerings and send us your inquiry. If you have custom needs, please contact our sales staff through our contact page and send us your design and parameter requirements.

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