Zhengxin Group Expands Into Disposable Products Field

Disposable products warehouse


最後更新於 1 月 23rd, 2024 於 02:30 上午

正新集團 decided to expand its business into the field of disposable products in 2023 and now launched disposable raincoats, toilet paper, and disposable packaging…… These products have been sold on China’s e-commerce platforms, such as Taobao, 和 JD online shopping platforms.

Disposable products warehouse
Disposable products warehouse


Why expand into disposable products?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic recedes and global economic turmoil in 2023, Zhengxin Group’s PPE business has been affected to a certain extent. So we have to develop more products to maintain the operation of the group.

What are the disposable products being expanded?

The disposable products we are currently expanding include raincoats, packaging, toilet paper. Expanded industries include: cleaning products, medical care products, etc… We will also explore more disposable products in the future.


This adjustment of Zhengxin Group represents the group’s move towards diversified development. But it will not close our main PPE business. We still retain 70% of our production lines to serve our old customers.


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